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These are some of our favourite resources to support you or those you care for through some of those important conversations. Please share with your community and get in touch if you have a great free resource to share. This list is not exhaustive and we plan to update often.


Practical information to help whānau manaaki provide care to adults and kaumātua at the end of their lives

Practical, emotional and social care and support for New Zealanders living with incurable breast cancer.


Making it easy to give and get a hand

Carers NZ is a national not for profit supporting a network of approximately 490,000 individual carers and supporting organisations. They do not charge a membership fee and fundraise to share our support resources freely with family carers.

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 A general guide for carers from the Ministry of Social Development.

Serious Illness Messaging Toolkit 


FREE BACH ACCOMMODATION - Helping families of people with an incurable illness to spend time together and create lasting memories

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