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Loss and Grief 

These are some of our favourite resources to support you or those you care for through some of those important conversations. Please share with your community and get in touch if you have a great free resource to share. This list is not exhaustive and we plan to update often.


Practical information and guidance for people bereaved by suicide

Support for children, young people, and their whānau to navigate through tough times


Loss and grief support to youth, adults, families or whānau experiencing any form of significant loss.

Find information to help you create and share a personalised plan of what you want to happen when you die.


A guide to bereavement reactions of children & young people by age group

Excellent resources from Te Omanga Hospice, particularly addressing grief and how to speak to children about death and dying

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Many people have limited firsthand experience with the process of dying, which can significantly affect our emotional and spiritual responses to the loss of our loved ones and influence how we approach our mortality. 

This eye-opening resource could be a good incentive to start exploring your options regarding funerals and burials, and even a prompt to start conversations with your loved ones, too.


Join us for an enlightening conversation with Treza, the founder of Swansong, as she advocates for more positive dialogues around death and dying. Tune in to the Heart Place Hospital Podcast to watch more intriguing interviews. 

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